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Yemaya, Yemaya Candle, Orishas, Orisha Candles, African Spirituality, Atr

Yemaya Vigil candle. Yemaya is an Orisha of the 7 seas. She is revered to be a fierce protector of women, mothers and children. Known as mother of Goddess of the sea. She is one of the 7 African Powers.
Yemaya’s day of the week is Saturday. Some of her offerings Her feast day is September 7th. Her colors are blue and white. Offerings for Yemaya are seaweed, oranges, watermelon, coconuts , molasses and other sweet foods. White wine, and white flowers can be offered as well.
She’s often depicted as a mermaid as she is associated with the ocean, salt water, rain, the moon,pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. Often symbolized as Mama Wata, LaSiren and Santa Marta Dominadora.