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Voodoo dolls,Mojo bags,Amulets,Conjure Hands.

Our mojo bags, and voodoo dolls contain organic herbs,plants and other objects that assist in bringing about the desired situation.
We have 4 different types of mojo bags and voodoo dolls; prosperity (green),keep law away(brown/blue), protection(red), and drawing in love hands(pink). These are made to order, and will contain a general petition. If desired a personalized petition can be added with your or a target’s information. The voodoo dolls are $14 unprepared( not stuffed). The voodoo dolls are also available fully prepared and activated the fee is based on the customers particular situation with desired intention. When ordering the fully activated doll please leave which intention you would like to purchase in the chat box, or live chat. These are simple no frill voodoo dolls which means they get down to the "nitty gritty" without glittery,gaudy decorations which may take away, or distract from the work. Any questions or details of your order can be answered through the message the seller option.