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Uncrossing Hoodoo Spelled Candle


Welcome to The Conjure Corner Store, where we offer you the finest quality handmade, blessed and fixed Hoodoo spell candles. The Uncrossing candle is an 8-ounce hand poured soy wax candle that has been fixed and dressed with spiritual uncrossing and cleansing herbs, roots and oils used in Hoodoo and Rootwork for the purpose of spiritual cleansing of negative energies, and uncrossing negative conditions.

Instructions for Use: 
Use this candle to assist in clearing up jinxed, crossed or hexed conditions when feeling plagued with stagnant, negative, or low vibrational energy. We pick up and encounter negative energy from our daily interactions in person and online. Uncrossing candle rituals are very beneficial if used for routine spiritual cleansing, and are highly recommended to be burned during the full moon phase or directly after during the waning moon phase. Please do not leave burning candles unattended.


Uncrossing candles are a powerful spiritual tool for clearing negative energies and restoring balance. Our 8-ounce hand-poured soy wax candle is dressed with herbs, roots, and oils used in hoodoo and rootwork rituals to uncross and cleanse spiritually. Ideal for spiritual cleansing during the full moon phase or directly after during the waning moon phase, this candle is perfect for clearing up jinxed, crossed or hexed conditions. Burn only on a fireproof surface.