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Spring Cleaning Uncrossing Bundle, Spiritual Cleansing

Start your Spring off right with The Spring Cleansing Uncrossing Bundle. This bundle includes one 7.5 oz. bottle of Florida water cologne, one bar of Florida water soap, and a 7-day fixed Uncrossing candle.

The combination of these three spiritual healing, and energy clearing products will assist in cleansing any heavy, dense, negative energies that may be surrounding you or your home. This bundle is recommended to anyone who needs assistance in removing any existing blockages, jinxes, and crossed up conditions. 

Are you feeling like there’s always negativity and unpleasant circumstances present in your life? Do you feel like you’ve been the victim of a jinx, or think a trick has been layed to cross up your living conditions?


The Uncrossing Bundle includes one 7.5 oz bottle of Florida Water Cologne, one bar of Florida Water Bath Soap, and one fixed and dressed 7-day Uncrossing Candle.

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