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The Terror Tarot Major Arcana Deck

The Terror Tarot Major Arcana. 22 card deck. Comes with guidebook 82 page full color. Brand new in plastic.

Terror Tarot - Major Arcana Tarot Deck
Embodying the essence of the traditional Rider-Waite, this Major Arcana deck features a vibrant and frightening rendition of each card, re-imagining every symbolic aspect from the grave up. Every beautifully haunting image was meticulously designed, hand-drawn, and colored. The 22 reversible, black-edged cards are finished with a lavish, soft-touch matte lamination and illustrate iconic Halloween and horror characters such as Dr. Frankenstein, Dracula, The Headless Horseman, and more! An 82-page full-color guidebook is included, containing detailed explanations of each emblematic figure and macabre interpretation. This booklet provides a deeper insight into the artistic liberties we took in creating this deck, appealing to tarot beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Package Includes:
- High-Quality Magnetic Keepsake Box with Lifting Ribbon & Intense Vivid Colors
- 22 Full-Color, Full-Bleed Tarot Cards
- Full-Color 82 Page Guidebook w/Complete Symbolic Descriptions

About The Deck:
- 2.75" x 4.75" cards (70mmx120mm)
- 350 gsm Cardstock w/Soft-Touch Matte Finish
- Reversible Back Illustration for Upright and Reversal Readings
- Matte-Black Edges