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Tarot and Pendulum readings are available via email, or direct message Instagram/ TT/ .

Tarot readings are a powerful tool for gaining insight into your life and the challenges you may be facing.
The Conjure Corner Store offers tarot readings that can help you gain clarity and guidance on various aspects of your life, including love, career, and personal growth.

To order a tarot reading, simply select the type of reading you would like. Once you've made your selection, you'll be prompted to provide some information about yourself and your situation. Typically within 48-72 hours, you'll receive your detailed reading that can help you gain insight into any situation in your life.

Please read below for the type readings offered and the reading descriptions.

Feel free to message with any questions you may have at hello@theconjurecornerstore.com.

The tarot readings will be done with either the “The Hoodoo Tarot”or The “Rider Waite”Tarot Deck you may choose if you have a preference. If you do have a preference, please use the live chat to send a message of your choice only after placing your order for your reading.

Please allow up to 72 business hours for delivery of the outcome to your email, or IG DM. You will be contacted with an ETA of your reading outcome shortly after your order is placed.



One "yes or no" question for the pendulum $15

Three “yes or no” questions for the pendulum $20

Five "yes or no" questions for the pendulum $25

The questions for pendulum readings can be about love, money, career, however, these must be questions that answers can be fulfilled with a "yes" or "no” answer.


One tarot card+one question $20
This can be any question or explanation of a situation.

Two card- tarot card reading love and money $27

1. What energy is currently surrounding your love life?

2. What energy is currently surrounding your money?

This can be a message for the day, week, month, year etc your choice. (These are the type of readings that I post weekly on Instagram and TikTok accounts for the collective)

Three tarot card(past, present, future) readings $39

1. What energy is behind you now?
2. What energy is surrounding your current situation?
3. What possible outcome or future is ahead for you?
You can concentrate on any one of these specific areas- love, money, career, etc with this reading.

2024 Forecast Reading- First three months of 2024 $45- this three-card reading will give insight into the energy surrounding your life January, February, and March of 2024.

2023 Forecast Reading- Last six months of 2023 $55- this six-card reading will give insight into the energy surrounding your life January, February, March, April, May, June of 2023.

2024 Forecast Reading- All twelve months of 2024 $125- this twelve-card reading will give insight into the energy surrounding your life for all twelve months of 2024.



The Three Card (GENERAL READING) $39- This includes one question or you can give a brief explanation of a situation you want to ask Spirit about. This question can be about anything that you need to clarity on. {Love, Money, Career, Home etc.}

🔮This reading can show you what path to take during a dilemma.

🔮This reading can bring to light the intentions of other individuals you may have questions about, such as coworkers and bosses, potential lovers, current lovers, ex lovers, etc.

🔮This reading can help with giving a message about potential career moves, business moves, financial moves etc.



 Ancestor Reading $45- This is a four card- tarot card reading that will give you insight into any information that your family that has passed on may want to share with you. We will ask four specific questions: 

1. How are your ancestors guiding you at this time?
2. What action can you take to follow this guidance?
3. What are their hopes for you?
4. How can you deepen your relationship with your ancestors?


Past Life readings $55. This spread will answer five  questions:

Who were you in your most recent past life?
What you did in your daily past life?
What challenges did you deal with in your past life?
How have those challenges influenced who you are today?
What karmic lessons are you here to learn?


Career Direction Readings $40 This is a three card spread to answer questions about your career such as:

Where is your career headed?
What's blocking you from reaching your full potential?
What step should you take next to jumpstart your career?


              ❤️❤️❤️RELATIONSHIP READINGS❤️ ❤️❤️

How’s My Relationship Going Spread? $40This is a relationship check in three card spread to gauge your relationship by asking Spirit three questions.  
How does your partner feel about the relationship? 
How do you feel about the relationship?  
What can be done to improve the relationship?

Can We Reconcile Spread? $45This is a four card spread that will determine if reconciliation is possible with your former partner. We’ll ask Spirit four questions. 
How does he/ she feel about you?  
What does the future hold for you two?  
Is it safe for you to reach out and make the first move towards reconciliation?  
Should you move on and create space for healing?

Is He/She The One? $40 This is a three card spread where we’ll ask Spirit three questions.  
How does this person feel about you?
Is a committed relationship a possibility with this person?  
What will the outcome of this relationship be?

Should I Stay or Should I Go Spread? $50 This is a four card spread where we’ll ask Spirit four questions.  
What is the energy surrounding the relationship currently?
Is this bump in the road, or disconnect we’re experiencing in the relationship temporary?  
Will the relationship improve if you stay?
Will you find true happiness outside of this relationship if you leave?

What's He/She Thinking Spread? $40  This is a three-card spread that answers three questions:

How he or she feels about you? 
What you can expect from that relationship? 
What type of relationship that person wants from you?

Is This True Love Spread? $55 This is a six card spread where we’ll ask Spirit the six questions.
What are your true feelings?
What are their true feelings?  
What’s the purpose or reason of this connection? 
What are the strengths of this connection?  
What are the weaknesses?  
What will be the outcome of this relationship?

Is My Partner Being Honest With Me Spread?$45This is a three-card reading to find out if your partner is being truthful in the relationship.
What are they lying about?  
Will he or she tell you they lied? 
Why did they lie to you?

A six card reading is available for $60. This can include up to 3 questions on any subject.

A full reading is $150 with no card limit.

A full reading also means we will use any other form of divination tool needed to get to the bottom of any issues, or questions in addition to the tarot cards if needed. We will ask your spirit guides and honorable ancestors for guidance,and input about any issue or endeavor.

Three month subscription for your personalized weekly love and money reading for three months $250. You will receive a weekly forecast for your love and money sent directly to your email each week. Please leave your email, or contact that you wish to receive your weekly love and money forecast.


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out at hello@theconjurecornerstore.com or theconjurecornerstore@gmail.com

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Aleia Murray

Reading is always on point... I don't know how she does it but please keep doing it