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Sweetening And Sour Jar Spells

Make your relationships sweeter and more fulfilling with our Sweetening Jar Spells! These spells are designed to bring harmony and understanding where once chaos and misunderstanding existed. With their effective power, they can help make any situation more positive. Sweetening Hoodoo Jar Spells are powerful spells used to sweeten relationships or targeted situations.

Sour Jar Spells are used to ruin targeted situations or any relationship. Both spells are customarily used in Hoodoo and Rootwork and involve the strategic use of herbs, oils, and other traditional ingredients.

All rituals include a free consultation and solutions will be suggested during the consultation.

The Custom Sweetening Jar Spells includes at least two handwritten petitions and jars will be fixed with herbs, roots, oils and other ingredients that will assist in manifesting your desired conditions.

Pictures of the target or focus may also be added to custom jar spells. This will add another extra boost of energy behind the spell work.

Note: Personal information is needed for purchase of any altar service or custom rituals/workings. First & last name and date of birth.

Please email the info through our live chat, or email info to hello@theconjurecornerstore.com or theconjurecornerstore@gmail.com