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Come to Me Spiritual Wash

Attract loving and passionate energy into your romantic life with our Come to Me love drawing spiritual wash. This Come to Me Spiritual Wash can be used as a love drawing spiritual wash for floors, doors, and walls, or a few drops can be added to a tub/basin bath.

Pay special attention to wash the floors, walls, and bedroom doors with Come to Me spiritual wash to enjoy the benefits of a more loving, peaceful and passionate relationship. If single, use to draw in love from your ideal partner.

If using for drawing on a specific partner and love into your environment add a few squeezes to a bucket of warm water and cleanse your environment as normal.
If using as a spiritual wash squeeze a few squeezes into a tub of water, or basin. This wash must be diluted.

This recipe contains rose, lemon balm, catnip, sarsaparilla and other ingredients used in southern Hoodoo and Rootwork to draw in love and attract potential love interests. Lemon balm is known to remove blockages and obstacles that may exist in love and difficult relationships

This product should be used within 60 days of purchase to maintain its potency and quality.

Not recommended for sensitive skin.
This is a 8 ounce plastic squeeze bottle.