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Rose of Jericho Plant, Resurrection Plant

Rose of Jericho plant, this is also called “The Resurrection Plant”because of it’s magical ability to come back to life. In it’s current state as pictured the plant is considered “dead”, it appears as a ball of dried up twigs or “tumbleweed”. When placed in a bowl of water it slowly begins to open up, and turn green in color.
I prefer to capture rain water and use it for this purpose, however tap, or purified water will give the same results.
Rose of Jericho is used to “resurrect” any aspect of your life; from finances to love. It clears negativity, draws in peace and harmony. This plant can be kept in a bowl of water on an altar, or any where in your home. The water can be used to anoint spiritual tools, added to a spiritual floor wash, and even to wipe down the front door of your home, or business to invite in abundance and prosperity. This plant, and the water that is used to resurrect it holds powerful magic.

1. Empower, or enchant with your intention. (Pray over it.)
2. Fill a glass,or ceramic bowl with spring water, rain water, or water water source is available.
3. Submerge the Rose ofJericho roots completely.
4. Replace water every 48 hours for the first week, then about twice a month after. Rinse the plant thoroughly before placing it back in water.

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