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Joss Paper,Spirit Money,Ancestor Money,Hell Notes

Joss paper,or Spirit money is used as an offering to our departed loved ones. As we offer our ancestors some of their favorite foods,drinks,vices such as alcohol and tobacco, money should also be offered to keep our ancestors financially stable in the afterlife. Joss paper is usually burned in fire proof containers before,or after rituals. I like to mist Florida water,or Kananga water on mine before I burn it to help invite them in to receive the offering. Both the Florida,and the Kananga water colognes can be purchased in the shop.
Remember when making offerings to ancestors and working with them take heed to only work with the one's that were honorable in life. If someone was no good in life that trait carries on over to the afterlife.
Joss paper can also be placed on ancestral and money altars to draw in prosperity. This is sold in a pack of 15 pieces of joss paper. The domination of each note is $10,000.00 .