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Hoodoo Rice,Black Protection Rice,Black Rice,Love Rice,Love Spells,Red Rice,Money Rice,Money Spells,Prosperity Rice, Lucky Green Rice

Hoodoo Rice "Black Rice" Black Protection Rice in hoodoo is used for protection and to enhance protection workings.This black rice is programmed to Protect, Unhex ,Uncross,and it is also programmed to do the opposite hex,curse,jinx,cross up conditions of a target. This rice is best used with at least one petition if used in hoodoo working. If it is to be used for protection flat out it can be tossed around the perimeter of the home,or business,or used in packets poppets, to dress protection or hexing candles etc.

This comes in two types The Standard Black Protection Rice,or "Xtra Black Rice" which is more potent and has 4 additional ingredients such as black peppercorns,epsom salts,and a few more protection ingredients. Both available in 2 oz bottles.

"Red Rice" is used in hoodoo to enhance love spells,or love drawing work. This can be used along side your love work,in mojos,packets,poppets, love spell jars,and dolls. There are three recipes available. The Standard Original love rice that is used in all around love work and spells. The Seduce and Satisfy red rice is a recipe mixed with ingredients that are meant to draw in and seduce a lover to where they are overly satisfied with their lovers in the bedroom,and wraps the lover around the finger of the partner.

The Generous Lover is a recipe especially blended for those have have a partner who is frugal,cheap,or selfish with their money. This recipe added to love spells begins to influence the target to spend and share freely with their partners.
The standard comes in a 2 oz plastic bottle. The Seduce and Satisfy, and Generous lover love rice are contained in glass corked bottles.

Green Money Rice is used in the same explanation as above except this blend is specifically designed to enhance money,prosperity,and abundance spells.
This blend which includes bits of real cash money, magnetic sand,and money oil. Green Money Rice is available in 2 oz bottles.