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Florida water cologne, Spiritual Cologne, Kananga Cologne, Patchouli Cologne, Orange Blossom Cologne, Rose Cologne

Florida Water Cologne-Florida Water is used in spiritual work and cleansing. It is also used for protection before and after rituals. It can be worn on the body, used as an ingredient in spiritual baths,laundry. I like to use this to cleanse spiritual tools, second hand objects,cleanse my candles,and glass encased candles. It can also be used itself as a cologne,or misted in the environment to cleanse it. It is usually seen as a staple on all altars no matter the practice.

Kananga Water Cologne-Kananga water, like Florida Water, is used in various rituals including spiritual cleaning, and appeasing the spirits of the dead. Its use is particularly common among people of the African diaspora.

Orange Blossom Water Cologne-used in magick for everything related to the fidelity, conjugal love, marriage and the union. This water is used primarily spiritual, therefore, when you want to promote fidelity and attract true love.

Aqua deRuda(Rue Water Cologne)-is used to ward off evil, to break the evil eye, to dispel envy, and to promote good fortune (especially if associated with Agua de Florida). Ruda is considered a sacred plant in many traditions of magick and is considered to remove bad luck and hexes.

Rose Water Cologne-is used to draw in love. It's good to use when performing love spells,and rituals. Rose also supports the heart chakra, inviting more love, tenderness, and openness between the targeted persons.

Touch of Love-Patchouli Cologne- is used for drawing in love and prosperity. This is used to anoint the palms`and soles before meeting up with love interests, or making money moves. Great to also use during love,and money spells and rituals.

Each bottle is 5 oz.
The Rue cologne 7.0oz
7.5 oz Florida water cologne 
Each sold separately.