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Feng Shui Money Frog, Lucky Money Toad

Lucky Money Frog. Ideal for attracting wealth. Perfect for ancestor altars, money drawing and prosperity altars.

MATERIAL: Made of high quality resin. Has a good meaning
SIZE: 2.4" x 2.4" x 2".
STRUCTURE AND MEANING: A frog sits on a traditional Chinese copper coin with two strings of copper coins on its back and a coin in its mouth. It symbolizes the entanglement of money and enters thousands of households.
AUSPICIOUS: On its back, it shows seven places that symbolize the Big Dipper, which plays an important role in Chinese astrology. Protecting the house is more auspicious
GOOD LUCK: the most auspicious symbol of making money. The place where Kim Min is located must be fortune, and it is a good choice to put it in your home and office.