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Female candle figure. Handmade by me these candles are scented. They’re made of soy wax and contain essential oils, hoodoo and condition oils to enhance their abilities, and boost the outcome.

Use these candle to help achieve your goals, gain personal power and draw in positive energy, joy and success in all areas of life. These handmade soy female candles are ideal for gaining an advantage in work, school, career, love, protection, prosperity and success.

These are available in a variety of colors for specific uses.

White: Purity, Peace,Clarity,Banishing,Cleansing
Green: Prosperity,Luck, Abundance
Yellow: Success,Controlling
Orange: Road Opener
Red: Protection,Love,Controlling
Black: Protection,Banishing, Blockbuster, Remove Obstacles
Blue: Inner Peace, Peaceful, Tranquility, Court Case
Pink: Self Love, Love Drawing