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Fast Money Candle, Money Spell Candle

Welcome prosperity and abundance into your home with our Fast Money Candle!

Experience the power of Hoodoo with our Fast Money Candle to begin to welcome wealth and prosperity into your home!

These are handmade with soy wax, fixed and infused with roots, herbs and hoodoo oils. This magical 8-ounce glass jar candle is designed to bless and manifest money into your life from sources known and unknown. 

Light the candle. Write your name with your specific intention on a piece of paper( brown paper bag if possible). Fold the paper towards you three times and place under your Fast Money Candle.

If you’d like speak Psalm 119:17-24 daily until the candle is finished burning. If you feel more comfortable using a money mantra instead here is one: “ Money comes to me easily, money comes to me fast, money loves my company, when it comes it lasts.”

If you work in numerology you may choose to write this combination of numbers for drawing in prosperity and abundance: ▶️ 71 427 321 893  ◀️on a piece of paper and place under your candle, or speak this over your candle daily nine times until it burns out.

If you must put out the candle before it has completely burned out choose to snuff out the flame. Never blow out a spelled and fixed candle as it blows away what you’re drawing to you.

Never leave candles burning unattended.
Ingredients: organic soy wax, herbs, hoodoo oils + hoodoo powders + hoodoo magick.
Sold as curio.