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Adam and Eve candle for Love Spells and Rituals

Boost your love life with our Adam and Eve figure candle. Made with hand-poured soy wax, this candle is perfect for love spells and rituals, sweetening existing relationships, or attracting a new love interest. Gain an advantage in your romantic pursuits with our handmade couple candle.

The Adam and Eve figure candle is perfect for sweetening up existing relationships, and for drawing in a new love interest.

This handmade soy couple candle is ideal for gaining an advantage in your romantic life.
These are available in a variety of colors for specific uses.

White: Purity, Peace, Clarity, Cleansing
Red: Protection, Love, Controlling

Blue: Inner Peace, Peaceful, Tranquility
Pink: Sweetening, Love Drawing

Approximately 5.5-6 in tall.
3 inches wide at its widest point