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Custom Altar Service, Hoodoo, Rootworker, Hoodoo Practitioner, Southern Conjurer, Rituals, Protection Spells, 7 day candles,Love Spells, Money Spells

We can burn any candle for you on one of our altars $145 for custom spell work. 

Our Custom Altar Service will help you manifest your desires with Hoodoo, Rootwork, Southern Conjure and Rituals. Whether you need Protection Spells, Cleansing Spells, Love Spells or Money Spells, we will perform candle rituals for you on one of our venerated altars for only $145. Take control of your life with Hoodoo and being intentional about setting your desires into motion. Begin to make your wishes come true today by reaching out for a free consultation.

Free Consultations are recommended before purchasing any type altar service unless you’re an existing client and we’ve already discussed your situation.

 $90 for general candle services. One update will be provided at the completion of the ritual for the general candle service. The client is responsible for creating their own petition. No pictures or targets names will be added to the general candle service. If you have a target in mind purchasing a custom altar service is recommended.

We perform hoodoo jobs/spell work for almost any situation.

Some situations will require more than one job/working.

Many situations require the removal of blockages first in order to work from a clean slate.


The Custom Altar services- include 3 updates with pictures of your candle work on the altar and brief written summary of the start, middle, and completion of the ritual all via email or d.m. This is a 7-day working, which means the working will be on the altar and worked for 7 days. Last update will be received a few days after completion.

Custom work for love, reconciliation, hex and curse removal, protection, prosperity, job promotions, and many other workings are available for $145. This is a 7-day ritual. 

All custom work is tailored to you specifically and your unique situation.

All rituals include a free consultation and solutions will be suggested during the consultation.

The Custom working includes at least two handwritten petitions and candles will be fixed and dressed with herbs and oils that will assist in manifesting your desired conditions.

Pictures of the target or focus may be added to custom workings only. This will add another extra boost of energy behind the spellwork.

The Custom Rituals/Workings will be a 7-day candle and jar combination. The candle jar will be prepared and packed with herbs, roots, and other ingredients to increase the power of your 7-day candle, and boost the magick behind your specific intention.

Note: Personal information is needed for purchase of any altar service or custom rituals/workings. First & last name and date of birth.  

 Below is a list of some popular facts and frequently asked questions about Hoodoo and Rootwork.

5 Ways Hoodoo and Rootwork Can Help Improve Your Life.

1. Gaining more clarity- Many folks struggle with finding clarity on their spiritual path, or understanding the root of their problems. They may feel lost or confused about what steps to take to improve their situation.

2. Remove negative energies- Negative energy can manifest in many ways, such as feeling stuck, experiencing bad luck, or being surrounded by negative people. Spiritual cleansing and protection can help remove negative energy and create a more positive environment.

3. Love and Relationship issues- Love and relationship problems are common reasons why people seek out Rootwork. These issues can range from finding a compatible partner to healing a broken relationship.

4. Financial Issues- Many people seek out Rootwork to improve their financial situation. This may involve attracting money, finding a job, or removing financial blockages.

5. Health and Healing Issues- Health issues can be physical, emotional, or spiritual in nature. Rootwork can be used to promote healing and wellness, whether it's through herbal remedies, spiritual baths, or other forms of energy work.

Who Should Not Purchase An Altar Service
*Those who believe African American Spirituality is the Devils work or believe its bad, evil or doubt the power of Hoodoo and Rootwork.
*Those who want to see instant results soon as a job or spell is completed. Many jobs will take a series of workings to manifest your desired results. Most jobs begin to manifest in about four weeks.
There are many situations where results seem to show up almost instantly, however, this will not be the case in every situation. In some cases, there will be outside influences that must be dealt with first as every detail must be aligned for manifestation to happen.
*Those who are actively working with another practitioner.

Avoid Doing These 3 Things After Purchasing An Altar Service
1. Giving the incorrect name or date of birth of the targets for petitions.
2. Withholding Important Information Back- This Sets Off Intuitive Alarms. Being upfront and forthcoming about your situation and openly sharing requested information during your consultation will yield better results.
3. Requesting Work/Spells On People In Committed Relationships- Not here to judge or assist in breaking up any family's household.

3 Things To Avoid Doing If You Have a Hoodoo Working/Spell in Progress
1. Don’t share any information with anyone about your work-
Sharing info with others may interfere with the outcome of your work. Sharing info with others about your intentions opens up the chance for them to infuse their energy, and thoughts into your work. Your active jobs and workings should remain private and confidential to achieve the best results.
2. Don’t share any pictures of your active work or jobs with anyone-
Never share pictures and images of your active workings or jobs with anyone that’s been shared with you by your practitioner. This includes family and friends. Everyone should not have access and be able to lay eyes on your active jobs. Not everyone in your life has your best interest in mind.
3. Don’t worry or be obsessive about the job while it’s in progress. If there are specific instructions that you need to follow at the start of a job be sure to follow those and then release the work. You shouldn’t be obsessing over the outcome. Any worry or anxious energy infused into your work will affect the outcome without a doubt.

3 Reasons Your Work Isn’t Manifesting
1. Your desire isn’t for the highest good of everyone involved.
2. You didn’t follow the suggestions, and or recommendations made to you by the practitioner you’ve hired.
3. Situations that already exist in your current reality aren’t aligned to support the addition of your new desires, or intentions. 



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Disclaimer: These services are offered as curio only. We do not guarantee that all clients will achieve the same results.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Highly Recommended <3

Qandisa is very patient and compassionate, and her communication is very thoughtful, and thorough. Explains things really well, so that I knew what steps were being taken and what I might expect. I will definitely continue to work with her.