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General Altar Services, Candle Magic, Hoodoo, Conjure, Protection spells, Money Spells


General Altar Services. $90

Light up your life with Candle Magic! Whether it's protection spells, love spells, or money spells you’re seeking, we have an assortment of hoodoo and conjure workings to suit your exact needs. Rekindle your relationships, receive money from sources known and unknown, and protect yourself from harm with the power of candle magic today!

This includes a free consultation. The consultation is strongly recommended before making a purchase. Want to schedule a free consultation? 🔽🔽🔽

Please email hello@theconjurecornerstore.com or theconjurecornerstore@gmail.com to discuss your unique situation. 


A 7-day candle ritual with one update and a petition is prepared by (you)the client that states your intention of the ritual.

Note: Personal information is needed for purchase of any general altar service, or custom workings. You will be asked to provide first, last name and date of birth. General altar services are for you personally. Please be mindful that a Specific target 🎯🎯🎯 can only be used after ordering the Custom Altar Services. 

Below is a list of SOME of the types of workings that we offer under the “General Services” option. If your unique situation isn’t described below. Please reach out to for a consultation and a candle service/ritual will be recommended to you that will address any issue you may be experiencing.

The Block Buster Candle Ritual- This candle ritual is used to overcome any blockages when there is a goal to be achieved.

The Abre Camino(Road Opener)Candle Ritual- This candle ritual is used to open the roads before you begin a new journey, all opportunities will be open upon your path to your goal.

Protection Candle Ritual- This candle ritual is used to protect you from negative energies, and to assist in keeping negativity and low frequency energies at bay.

Money Candle Ritual- This candle ritual is used to increase the flow of financial abundance, and to draw money from sources known and unknown.

Love Drawing Candle Ritual- This candle ritual is used to help to help you attract a loving relationship into your life. Possibly  your soulmate( It’s happened many times). It may also help strengthen the love in an existing relationship.

Healing Candle Ritual- This ritual accesses spiritual forces to bring restorative energy from your guides and ancestors.


Disclaimer- this service is offered for curio only. This shop can not guarantee that all clients will experience the same outcome.

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