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Bluing Squares, Bluing, Azul Anil, Laundry Whitener

Bluing Squares.
This is a widely used curio in southern hoodoo and rootwork. Bluing squares are used in numerous ways.
1. Bluing can be used for cleansing/protection spiritual baths.

2. Bluing can be dissolved in a glass vase or vessel and placed on an altar space or table to absorb negative energies in the environment.

3. Bluing can be used to mark the palms and soles for protection before leaving the house.

4. Bluing can be used to purify the aura before and after rituals.

5. Lastly, bluing is used as a whitening solution for laundering white clothes.

Quantity: One(1)- Roughly 2x2 in square in size.