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Black Moon Lilith Cosmic Alchemy Oracle, Black Oracle Decks, Melanated Oracle Decks

The Black Moon Lilith Oracle Card Deck. A 44-card oracle deck that combines the esoteric wisdom of astrology, mystical deities, and hermetic alchemy to guide your self-empowerment and manifestation journey.

Black Moon Lilith Cosmic Alchemy is a tool for deep self-reflection and inner transformation. The cards aim to heal and take the dark divine feminine’s ancient power back. The cards are divided into four categories:

Black Moon Lilith cards, which dive into the 12 placements of Black Moon Lilith
Dark Divine Archetype cards, which explore archetypes such as Lilith and Eve
Astrological Planet cards
Alchemy Ascension cards, which involve the 12 gates of alchemy

Astrology is your cosmic map of shadow work. When you hold up the mirror, that is when the true healing work begins. It can reveal ancestral trauma, subconscious blocks, codependency, and energetic shadows that hold you back. Not only is Black Moon Lilith a metaphysical tool for healing—your entire birth chart is. When matched with hermetic alchemy, it can empower you as a manifester and conscious creator of your own reality.