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Conjure Oils, Hoodoo Oils, Condition Oils, Intention Oils

Our Conjure Intention Oils are crafted to perfection, available in 10 mL glass metal roller bottles or 1 oz glass dropper bottles for precise application. Perfect for creating certain conditions, and for your magical rituals. These can be added to dress your candles, mojo bags, charms etc. Custom and specialty oils can be ordered with additional preparation time. Find the perfect oil for your needs.

FOLLOW ME OIL is an oil designed to take control of any relationship. With 13 love-drawing ingredients, including Orris Root, its powerful combination of ingredients is designed to attract a loyal and generous lover, ensuring your target has eyes only for you. This versatile oil can be used on both palms and soles, and can be integrated into any candlework, mojo, or aggressive love spell.

MEDUSA OIL is used to guard your aura against the spiritual,and psychic attack from other witches,or any other negative entities, or energies.

Jezebel Oil is used to attract wealthy men. This is used to attract paying clients to businesses. It also is great for exotic dancers and other workers for attracting high paying male clients.

LILITH OIL is a transformational oil designed to increase sexual freedom,boost confidence,and promote self love. Lilith will also break love spells,and also can be used to bind lovers,and make you become irresistible to those you wish to capture. *Temporarily out of stock.*

LAW STAY AWAY OIL is for keeping the law away. It is used to avoid arrests, legal problems, and lawsuits. This can be used in a number of ways such as anointing your body, important papers such as a summons, or legal documents you receive not in your best interest. This oil has been used to reverse negative situations and events.

MONEY OIL(DINERO) for those that are seeking financial abundance and security. Can be used to anoint palms, money,bills ,or to dress candles.

CROWN OF SUCCESS OIL is one of the most powerful conjure oils. Crown of success oil can help you accomplish basically anything. It can be used to bring luck in money matters, games of chance,sexual arousal,prosperity,love,power and new opportunities.

DOMINATION OIL(Kali Ma) is to dominate and control others and command them to do as you request.
Crush and destroy fears against any opposition or difficult relationships.

PROTECTION OIL is used in protection spells and protection magic to protect yourself,your family,and your possessions. Can also be used in protection work or to anoint amulets, talismans,and gris gris.

VAN VAN OIL is used for luck, protection, love, money, and clearing negativity. It’s also known to boost spell work.

PSYCHIC VISION OIL is used to activate the third eye and amplify your natural psychic abilities. Perfect for astral travel, tarot readers, and many other forms of divination.

CAST OFF EVIL  for spiritual protection in addition to clearing jinxed and crossed conditions as a result of negative spells and rituals performed against you.

SHUT UP OIL is used to shut down anyone talking about you behind you back,sharing unwanted information about you.

ROAD OPENER OIL is used to open the path when beginning new projects,or building new relationships.

BLOCK BUSTER OIL is used to overcome any blockages when there is a goal to be achieved.

*Note all oils are made upon order. Each is made to assist in bringing about certain conditions. They are not perfumes and shouldn't be expected to be strongly scented. Also, images are shown to showcase the ingredients and the purpose of the oil. We don't guarantee this oil will look exactly like the image. The focus is on the ingredients and intention, and not matching each creation to the picture.

Custom oils also available specifically made for you and your particular situation. These are only available in the 1oz size.

New 1oz bottles pictured with the gold and white dropper.