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Conjure Condition Potions for Spells and Rituals

Try our new Conjure Condition Potion- Carefully handcrafted with traditional herbs, powders, roots and oils used in Southern Hoodoo and Conjure believed to bring about desired conditions in your life. These potions are all organic, charged, and spelled. Use them in candle rituals, used to anoint the soles of the feet and palms before your daily routines, or can be used before performing rituals. Conjure condition potions can used to enchant dolls, poppets, mojo bags, amulets or talismans.

These Conjure Condition potions are available in 1 oz glass dropper bottle make these easy to use in most magical practices such as Hoodoo, Vodou, Santeria, Lukumi ,Wicca,etc.  Our conjure potions will surely assist in transporting you to a realm of magical possibilities. Try them all!

Money Magnet for prosperity and abundance spells and rituals focused on drawing money to you.

Drive Evil Away for spiritual protection in addition to clearing jinxed and crossed conditions as a result of negative spells and rituals performed against you.

Come to Me for love spells and rituals that are focused on drawing a existing or potential love interest closer to you.

Peaceful Home for bringing about peace and positive energy in hostile and high conflict environments at home, work, school etc.

John the Conqueror for spells, jobs, and rituals that assist with developing the mental fortitude and strength to overcome any obstacle you encounter upon your path.